Stumbling into the daylight

Thinking, 'Cindy, the gorgeous blue-eyed, brunette?'

"Sure, I'll be right up."... click.....

At least this afternoon is looking up.

Searching through his desk, thinking 'I had to eat that sandwich today, I
couldn't have had something milder?'

He frantically digs until he finds some breath mints.

The minty sting encompasses his mouth as he chews the whole package.

Hopefully that'll cover it, I don't need any more assistance being awkward.

Making his way up, he notices a few strangers in the building.

They are either going to buy the building, or from corporate, coming to lay
off more workers.

Thoughts of his own job security start to creep through his mind, is this a
ploy to get me quietly into HR? Will security be escorting me out of the

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